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Ball court series

Acrylic acid court paving system

Brief INTRODUCTION of ACRYLIC COURT: The common characteristics of acrylic court coating system: it is completely free of asbestos, lead or mercury and other compounds, in line with the principle of environmental protection. Completely green environmental protection, high UV resistance, color lasting deep, do not fade, do not fall off. Easy to maintain, low maintenance, and durable in any climate. A variety of colors are available, including blue, red, dark green and light green. Long service life, generally more than 6 years, such as excellent foundation quality of its service life can be extended. The surface layer can effectively relieve the momentum and reduce the injury and fatigue of the athletes. International Tennis Association (ITF) approved products, international competition venues

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Silicon PU court paving system

Silicon PU 1, domestic and international authoritative attestation, the FIBA (FIBA) primary site indexes required ISSS test report 2, cas (ITF) venue velocity classification certificate 3, Chinese environment mark product certification (ten ring type I) certificate of 4, the national sporting goods quality supervision and testing center of national mandatory standard GB18581-200 5. Provide the National sports Goods quality supervision and Testing Center test report. 6. China Green material logo authorization certificate. 7

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EPDM playground paving system

EPDM sports field, also known as non-seam EPDM sports field, is laid by EPDM particles, namely EPDM rubber, ethylene, propylene and non-conjugated diolefin terpolymer. EPDM sports field material is a new polymer synthetic material developed in recent years, aging resistance, electrical insulation and ozone resistance are outstanding, laying the site to form a whole, no joints and other characteristics. The DIFFERENCE BETWEEN IT AND ORDINARY rubber floor mat depends on: site construction, laying process did not leave a gap. Material used: the bottom layer is black natural rubber particles, the surface layer is the same color EPDM particles in the table. EPDM particles are fresh in color

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PVC sports floor paving system

PVC floor is to use PVC material for sport development of a sport floor, specifically with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, coloring and other accessories, on flake continuous base material, the coating process or by rolling, extrusion or extrusion process. Generally, it is made of multilayer structure, and generally has wear-resistant layer (including UV treatment), glass fiber layer, elastic foaming layer, grassroots and so on. PVC sports floor is very widely used, the Olympic Games and other international competitions are designated to use PVC sports floor, visible PVC sports floor

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Floating assembled sports floor

The suspended assembled floor, also known as the combined sports floor, is the surface material of the fourth generation sports floor. The finished product is block, the size is 30.48cm×30.48cm×1.27cm, which can be directly paved on the foundation surface of cement or asphalt without bonding. Each floor is connected with a unique lock, and the installation is very simple. It can also be disassembled at will.

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