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Water based paint system

Waterborne self-leveling floor paint

Applicable place: There is no construction waterproof layer of the first floor or basement floor to the construction of odor requirements, especially for the food and drug industry. Function features: environmental protection, water as solvent, no pungent odor; The film is permeable; Seamless dustproof; Mildew - proof, anti - bacterial performance is excellent. Main performance: note: all tests (except the drying time) was conducted in curing 7 days (25 ℃) construction procedures and main materials: pilot project construction method the main materials, auxiliary materials base processing grinding base, repair defects, clean and dry - bottom coating roller coating epoxy primer water-borne epoxy primer - with epoxy mortar layer of coating material mixing quartz

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Water-based ping tu

1, strong coverage, good wear resistance, dust, mildew, moisture, acid and alkali resistance. 2, strong adhesion, good flexibility, easy to clean and maintain. 3, thin coating type, no seam, bright appearance, a variety of colors, with good decorative and practical. 4. The construction is simple and economical. The thickness is about 0.3~0.5mm, the service life is 3-5 years. Application scope of electronics, electrical appliances, food, feed, tobacco, textile, clothing, medicine, chemical, communication equipment, instrumentation, parking lots, exhibition halls, light industry and other sites of cement floor coating. Main performance: construction procedures and main

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Waterborne epoxy primer

Main applications can be used in conjunction with waterborne epoxy topcoat. Main features 1, to present grey or red 2, waterborne two-component epoxy primer, containing zinc phosphate, aluminum tripolyphosphate and other effective non-toxic antirust pigment and antirust additive, can form strong antirust paint film of 4, with water as dispersion medium, otherwise don't explode, can be diluted with water and clean coating equipment 5, the construction process of no pollution, safe environmental protection characteristics. Main parameters Solid ≥50% dry film thickness :60 microns (equivalent to 120 microns wet film thickness) Theoretical coating rate :6.67 square meters/kg Mixing ratio: A: B =9:1(weight ratio) Thinner: clean fresh water paint set

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