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Epoxy priming coat

Antistatic bottom coating

Product performance is easy to clean, no dust, without seams, surface smooth bright without solvent, environmental protection can quickly leak static charges, prevent damage of electronic components caused by accumulation of electrostatic resistance stability and fire surface, is not affected by the weather humidity and surface wear of the surface of the chamber of secrets can resist a variety of chemicals erosion can provide a variety of colors for customer choice, Make matte and light as needed.

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Solvent-free epoxy permeable bottom coat

The product has high adhesion to the substrate, excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance of the coating, shrinkage, high hardness, good wear resistance, good electrical insulation performance, etc., but also has the advantages of no organic solvent or low volatile organic compounds content, will not cause air pollution, to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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Epoxy reinforced base coat

The product properties of terrazzo, ceramic tile, emery base surface has good permeability and sealing property, especially can significantly improve the adhesion of the coating product use as the bottom coating of LM epoxy resin series coatings, applied to terrazzo, ceramic tile, emery, etc

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Epoxy permeable bottom coat

The product has good permeability and high sealing property to the concrete base surface, strengthens the base surface hardness and provides good adhesion. The PRODUCT IS USED AS THE GENERAL BOTTOM COAT OF LM EPOXY SERIES FLOOR coating, applied TO concrete, terrazzo or other base surface.

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Epoxy universal base coat

The product has good penetration and sealing property to concrete, strengthens the hardness of base surface and provides excellent adhesion. Good economy. The product is used as the general bottom coat of LM epoxy series floor coatings, applied to concrete or other base surface.

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