Silicon PU court paving system

Silicon PU 1, domestic and international authoritative attestation, the FIBA (FIBA) primary site indexes required ISSS test report 2, cas (ITF) venue velocity classification certificate 3, Chinese environment mark product certification (ten ring type I) certificate of 4, the national sporting goods quality supervision and testing center of national mandatory standard GB18581-200 5. Provide the National sports Goods quality supervision and Testing Center test report. 6. China Green material logo authorization certificate. 7

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Product Description

Silicon PU domestic and international authoritative certification
1. ISSS test report required by FIBA Level 1 field indicators
2, International Tennis Federation (ITF) court speed classification certification
3, China environmental logo product certification (ten ring I logo) certificate
4, the national sports goods quality supervision and testing Center in line with the national mandatory standard GB 18581-2009 provisions of the harmful substances limit index sampling inspection report
5, provide the national sports goods quality supervision and testing center test report
6, China green material logo authorization certificate
7. Membership Card of China Sports Goods Industry Association
8, China Middle School Sports Association Basketball branch recommended products
9. Designated products in the second CBA Arena



Performance characteristics:
1, comfort: whether you are running, dribbling or forbidden to move, silicon PU moderate flexure technology provides you with a high degree of comfort.
2. Vibration absorption: when the silicon PU bears the instant impact, 63% of the impact force is absorbed by the ground system, which better protects the ankle of the athlete.
3, super wear-resistant: surface layer selection of high strength silicone particle material, unique double layer structure. More wear-resistant than ordinary products, some of the service life of more than 8 years.
4, adhesion ability: silicone polyurethane material can penetrate the basic pores of different materials, produce high strength adhesion, and better adhesion with the foundation.
5, technical stability: whether the ball or the ball of resilience, shock absorption and friction coefficient can run through the whole field system, to ensure its technical stability.
6, the ideal comprehensive function: suitable for indoor and outdoor basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court, badminton court, handball court, leisure field, gym and other sports ground.
7, easy construction: can be directly constructed on the basis of asphalt concrete or cement concrete, all materials are classified according to proportion, can be used according to the instructions of construction, simple and convenient operation.
8, easy maintenance: contain anti-fouling additives, stains will not penetrate the surface layer, just clean with water can keep new.
9, durability:
①, superior weather resistance: silicon PU will not fade, hard, soft, surface layer white phenomenon due to environmental changes such as outdoor high and low temperature climate, even in strong ultraviolet light, ozone, rain and high temperature difference climate environment can still maintain its bright color for a long time.
②, super wear resistance: silicon PU surface layer by adding silicone particles, its structural characteristics are permanent and stable, soft and hard, wear resistance to meet the needs of long-term high frequency of use.
(3) Excellent fouling resistance: silicon PU surface layer is dense, soft and hard moderate. It is not easy to crack, peel, fade and whiten. It can keep the pitch bright and clean for a long time by simple washing.



Performance indicators:


Inspection items

The technical requirements

The inspection results


Elongation at break, %

P 400



Tensile strength, Mpa

1.8 or higher



Weathering resistance to artificial weather (300h)

No foaming, no peeling, no crack;

No foaming, no peeling, no crack; Powder 1 grade, E0.57


Wear resistant type (750/r500r),g

Pulverization 1 grade, E6.0



Weather resistance, aging test (168h) Tensile length, %

0.050 or less



Weather resistance, aging test (168h) Tensile strength, Mpa

P 300



Water resistance (168h)

1.3 or higher

No foaming, no peeling, no discoloration


Flame retardant, grade A

No foaming, no peeling, allow slight discoloration, 2h after recovery




Scope of application:
1. Tennis courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts and sports courts of senior middle and primary schools and colleges;
2. Professional sports venues and training grounds;
3. Kindergarten playground, gym, dance studio, etc.

The requirements of silicon pu court materials for ground base are as follows:
First, cement ground base requirements
1. The ground base must be reinforced concrete laid, the strength grade should reach the secondary highway above the foundation for the standard.
2. Before laying mud, must first shop waterproof layer (depending on the specific situation of the site and decide).
3. The site must be surrounded by a complete drainage system and must have an open channel design.
4. The site shall be designed with single-sided drainage, and the drainage slope shall reach 4-8.
5. The flatness shall not exceed 3mm when measured with 3m highway ruler.
6. There is no cracking, sand and powder on the surface of the ground base.
7. The new cement ground base must be hardened after 30 days (winter time 1-2 times), before the site can be laid.
8. Before laying the pitch, the pitch must be acid-washed and sanded to ensure that the base surface is free of any grease, oil, dust, mud and other debris.

Two, asphalt ground base requirements
1. The ground base must be laid with hot melt asphalt, and emulsified asphalt is prohibited. The mixing ratio of hot melt asphalt paving shall be in accordance with the national standard of secondary highway and above.
2. The site must be surrounded by a complete drainage system and must have an open channel design.
3. The site shall be designed with single-sided drainage, and the drainage slope shall reach 4-8.
4. The flatness shall be measured with a 3-meter highway gauge and the error shall not exceed 3mm.
5. Asphalt surface without peeling loose and cracking.
6. New asphalt must be hardened for 20 days before it can be laid on the site.
7. Before laying the pitch, ensure that the base surface is free of grease, oil, dust, mud and other debris.
8, only to lay a good foundation to make durable court material surface.

Construction process:
The base surface treatment → laying elastic layer → laying strengthening layer → laying wear-resistant surface layer → marking → clearing the field is completed.
First, the base surface treatment
Before construction, the site shall be pickling, grinding and filling, and the curing period shall be no less than 20 days.
Two, laying elastic layer
With TB100 (solvent can be added to adjust the construction consistency), with flat scraper or tooth scraper laid on the base surface, each laying thickness can not exceed 1.5mm, each laying time interval before a dry solid shall prevail (generally about 10 hours, specific depending on the site weather conditions), until laid to the required thickness. [Note: After the elastic layer is laid and dry solid, the ground flatness shall be tested by the water standing method. The water standing shall be repaired and then the reinforcing layer shall be laid.]
Three, laying strengthening layer
With TB200 (solvent can be added to adjust the construction consistency) with rubber scraper in two laying about 0.8mm thick on the elastic surface, laid after the surface is smooth.
Four, laying wear-resistant surface layer
PB-3 according to A component: B component: special sand = 9:1:5 fully mixed stirring evenly, laid on the strengthening surface, generally laid two. (Smooth surface can be made without special sand)
Five, the cross line
Measure and position according to the standard size, mark the line position with canvas line, and then paste the line on the court with the beautiful pattern paper along the canvas line, mix it with the special marking paint G008 in proportion, and brush it evenly between the two beautiful pattern paper with a brush, and tear off the beautiful pattern paper when the material surface is dry.
Six, the completion of clearing.

Precautions for use:
● When mixing the material, it must be weighed accurately and stirred evenly.
● The whole process of construction each working procedure must be kept clean before construction.
● Indoor site must ensure good ventilation effect.
● The site should be maintained for more than 5 days after laying before it can be put into use.
● It is strictly prohibited to wear leather shoes, high heels or easy to drop the color of sports shoes.
● It is strictly prohibited to cut and squeeze. The surface should not be rubbed with hard objects to avoid damage or rupture.
● It is strictly prohibited to use acid, alkali and other corrosive chemicals on the floor and keep away from fire and high temperature, so as to avoid deformation of the floor.

Construction and maintenance period:
1. After the completion of laying, it is necessary to maintain the ground material for 10-15 days before it can be used
2. During the construction and maintenance period, personnel should be prohibited to walk around, trample, wear and tear
3. During construction and maintenance, it should be prevented from standing water for a long time and cloudy tide.
4. During maintenance, air bag, cracking and other situations should be repaired by construction professionals in time.
5. If the weather is cloudy or wet for a long time or in winter, extend the maintenance period appropriately
6. After the maintenance period, due to the new characteristics of the material, it can be very good waterproof, ultraviolet protection, wear resistance and so on.

Service life maintenance:
1. The plastic court can be used all weather under the condition of certain drainage facilities.
2. The plastic court shall only be used for athletes' training and competition, sports and fitness exercise, and shall not be used for other purposes.
3. Athletes must wear special sports shoes. If the LACES have nails or heels, they are not allowed to use them on the plastic courts.
4 Daily maintenance, regular inspection. Damage, loose place should be repaired in time, remove waste, such as garbage, glass, leaves, etc.
5. The edge of the plastic court should be protected, and should not be moved arbitrarily. If any damage or blistering is found, it should be repaired immediately.
7 Avoid contact with organic solvents, chemicals, cigarette butts, other kindling, contaminants, etc.
8 Keep clean, can be washed with water, a small amount of water after cleaning glue surface can be removed with dry cloth. Stained with oil can be scrubbed clean with 10% ammonia or detergent.
9. It is strictly prohibited to spit gum and pollute oil in case the course cannot be cleaned.
10. When removing snow, always sweep with a broom. If necessary, the lines and signs should be updated.

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Silicon PU 1, domestic and international authoritative attestation, the FIBA (FIBA) primary site indexes required ISSS test report 2, cas (ITF) venue velocity classification certificate 3, Chinese environment mark product certification (ten ring type I) certificate of 4, the national sporting goods quality supervision and testing center of national mandatory standard GB18581-200 5. Provide the National sports Goods quality supervision and Testing Center test report. 6. China Green material logo authorization certificate. 7

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