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Epoxy colored sand self-leveling

The product description Self-leveling colored sand floor is a high-grade colored sand floor developed and designed by our company, which is an improved and upgraded version of the traditional colored sand floor. Compared with the traditional colored sand floor," Gaozhiself-leveling color sand floor has carried out revolutionary adjustment to the product characteristics and construction technology. The whole process is transparent and simple, which completely avoids the problems of inadequate grouting, shell lifting and falling off of the traditional color sand floor, and greatly improves the wear resistance, hardness, control and smoothness and beauty. ● The color can be freely deployed combination, rich color, good decorative effect, beautiful and generous, noble connotation; ● Highly clean, smooth without joint; ● Homogeneous permeation,

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Non - slip microbead floor paint

Imported resin, high quality solvent with very low VOC content, high quality color and filler, solvent, BYK (Buick) auxiliary, American Gas Company curing agent and other raw materials. Refined by advanced technology, it is a kind of double-group material with high solid content and low viscosity. Epoxy high solid content coating has a series of excellent characteristics: such as high mechanical wear resistance and adhesion, excellent chemical resistance, acid, alkali, salt liquid and petroleum products, fast curing speed, excellent floor surface coating is beautiful and decorative. ● Dustproof, easy to clean, washable; ● Acid and alkali resistance, good mildew resistance, color optional,

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Wrinkly surface non-slip surface coating

The product is made of imported resin, high quality solvent, special orthopedics, BYK (Buick) additives, American gas curing agent and other raw materials, refined by advanced technology, with excellent physical properties: such as high quality anti-slip performance, brilliant surface color, high solid and super wear resistance. ● Selection of solvent-free epoxy resin and high quality curing agent made; ● Surface orange peel effect, the pattern can be large or small; ● Acid, alkali, salt and oil corrosion resistance; ● Wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance. The product is suitable FOR non-slip parking lot, slope, grease workshop, waterlogged workshop and art ground, etc

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Epoxy super wear resistance flat coating

Imported resin, high quality solvent, special orthopedics, BYK (Buick) additives, American gas company curing agent and other raw materials. Refined by professional technology, it is a double-group material with high solid content, low viscosity and high transparency. Has a series of excellent physical characteristics: such as high wear resistance, good adhesion, excellent coloring force. ● Dustproof, easy to clean, seamless ● Acid and alkali resistance, good from the old, color optional, beautiful beautiful, convenient construction ● High wear resistance ● can be made into high gloss and matte products according to the need for general factory building, shopping centers, parking lots and other floor surface coating

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Retro art floor

Retro art floor paint is a kind of ground material that can create realistic marble, SLATE, tile, brick, rock, pebble and other natural effects on the surface of concrete by relying on floor strengthening material, demoulding powder, molding mold, professional tools and protective agent of retro art floor paint. The color surface layer is permeated into the concrete surface layer by special treatment, such as strengthening materials of retro art floor paint and synthetic pigments. The powdered retro Art floor paint release powder is used to ensure complete coverage of the concrete surface during the molding process, while providing a second color and combination with the basic color of the reinforcement

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Waterborne polyurethane transparent finish

1. Product characteristics This product is one or several colors, different specifications of natural colored sand, according to a certain proportion of gradation and epoxy resin and different color paste mixed, spread, pressed into colored sand floor. Has the following characteristics: a) non-toxic and tasteless, VOCs emissions are lower than the national standards, in line with the requirements of environmental health; b) High hardness, high wear resistance, high strength, can be pressed; c) High chemical stability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance and weather resistance; d) Large area seamless construction, high-grade and beautiful; e) Rich and beautiful color, can be deployed according to the need of various colors, can also be deployed into a variety of mixed color sand or a variety of different color graphics; F) in

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